The idea for Jester’s Chest just came from looking at the stark contrast of toys available in the international market and the Indian market. It was quite a gap. While we love what the Indian market has to offer, learning is a constant in life. Learning from various people, places and having access to the world is now a necessity. Different and innovative toys trickle into the Indian markets at a snails pace. The urge that these fun, innovative, unique toys be available to children all over India was one of the reasons the idea for Jester’s Chest germinated.

In today’s world when parents face the unique dilemma of how to reduce the dreaded “Screen Time” for their children. Introducing cool fun Science Experiments, imagination stretching toys, memory strengthening games and different creative outlets offered by us can keep children engaged, entertained and happy.

We’d love to keep bringing to you’ll the best the world has to offer. And to be the First to hear about are upcoming toys!!! get a preview before the launches, surprise sales, giveaways, exhibition dates and lots more register with us. We guarantee, you will absolutely love being in the loop for what’s in store !!!



Vankshu a certified diver stumbled into today’s world of toys thanks to her two children. Upon seeing that toys were no longer just a distraction for children till Mom gets dinner ready various learning aids toys can be and how toys can teach without actually “teaching” she wanted to bring the best, most innovative toys there were on offer to her little ones. Seeing how beautifully toys helped her children in many small and big ways she decided to try and bring as many different toys, games etc to the Indian market as possible with Jesters Chest.



Always drawn to puzzles, designs, interesting and innovative design applications and all things creative, Jester’s Chest felt like a wonderful and serendipitous combination of all. A commercial artist by profession, Shweta believes that one should always value and cherish the child within us, as we had the best imagination and creativity when we were children. With over 15 years of experience in the creative field, she still loves to explore the latest in games, puzzles and cool toys. Jester’s Chest not only allowed her to do that but also presented her with an opportunity to bring the best in the world to the children of India. Seeing how tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders have a strong opinion right since they are toddlers, choosing and picking what would pique their interest and help enhance and engage their intelligent minds and creativity felt like a fun challenge!!! And a fab bonus is that she gets to explore the wonderland of the latest creative toys and games !!!