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    Wild – Discovering Animals is an addicting animal-themed card game.

    Take on the role of an explorer, collect all the clues and try to guess together with your companions the animal chosen by the opponent. Will you be able to locate the correct card in the shortest possible time?

    And if you want to take a break from the main game, no problem!
    With Wild, you can play 3 more different games to continue the fun.

    • 48 cards, in the color of the Conservation Status, with:
    • on the front of the photo and the scientific name of the animal
    • on the back of the Conservation Status, the common name, 6 Fun Details (from order to diet), and 5 data (from weight to gestation)
    • 1 yellow INFORMATION die
    • 1 orange DATA die
    • 1 instruction manual

    A meticulous data collection led to the definition of the game’s 48 cards, which represent some of the most curious and fascinating mammals in the world, from the lion to the dugong, from the giraffe to the Malayan flying fox.
    How much does the western gorilla weigh?
    What does the red kangaroo eat?”

    For Ages 5 Yrs & Above

    AVAILABILITY: 1 in stock

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    Cosmos is a game about space. 48 cards with planets, satellites, and constellations, 4 star-pawns to travel around the Solar System, 1 dice to move in space… all for two games: the Solar System and the Constellations.

    Visit the planets, but try to avoid the satellites that will slow down your path, and fly between the constellations to get to the moon … that’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!

    Content :

    • 48 cards
    • 1 die
    • 4 pawns
    • instruction manual

    Roll the die and move your token to reach the Moon. You move closer, you move away, or you have to pass a test.
    Challenge your friends on the characteristics of planets, satellites, and constellations to be the first to land on the Moon.”

    For Ages  5 Yrs & Above

    AVAILABILITY: 2 in stock

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    ICECOOL is a fun flicking game that is a great test of dexterity for children, teenagers and adults alike.

    Set in a penguin school, the 3D board is made up of 5 classrooms, using a unique ‘box in a box’ set up, and players use different flicking techniques to move their naughty penguin around corners and through doorways in the game board to win a fish, while the Hall Monitor tries to stop them.

    Everyone takes a turn being the Hall Monitor, so the number of rounds equals the number of players.
    Skills: Strategy | Speed | Dexterity | Action


    AVAILABILITY: Out of stock

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    With Smiley Games you can play a lot of games… some games stimulate memory, reflexes, and visual perception, while others require tactics, strategy, and concentration.

    With many colorful smileys, your child can get involved with his skills and emotions!

    Content :

    • 48 round cards
    • 2 wooden dice
    • 1 instruction manual

    For Ages 5 Yrs & Above

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    We recommend kids over 5 plus for this game
    Are you ready for lift-off?In this starburst of a space race, players place sets of cards to form launch pads. Get the right combination and you can blast off leaving your opponents stranded!Buckle up and enjoy the ride!Age: 6+  Players: 2-5

    Skills: Strategy | Speed | Action


    AVAILABILITY: Out of stock



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